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Getting Tired...

2010-02-11 23:54:26 by Seig3

of not doing anything... I should do something productive... like... now... (more ellipses)

Coming back to newgrounds.

2009-10-20 00:54:56 by Seig3

I got kinda tired of newgrounds for a while. but I found myslef coming back more each and every day. so I thought why not, and started to animate again. yay!

My Birthday was yesterday...

2008-11-11 21:44:56 by Seig3



Mexican Seafood

2008-06-28 14:53:39 by Seig3

Uh, the itchy flakes, it isnt good for me.
Cure, with gels and creams, its entertainin'
True, fungus mold is my attraction
Hope, its only a, a yeast infection

Only hurts when i, hurts when i pee
Only hurts when i, hurts when i sing

Oh, its in my bed, just consists of lice, bugs and fleas
Beneath the mucus stain the vaseline its an...
Hope its only a, a yeast infection

Only hurts when i, hurts when i pee
Only hurts when i, hurts when i sing


Yea :P

Working on animation again.

2008-02-23 17:47:42 by Seig3 I'm Glad About that

So I'm a tad bit bored of the music scene right now so I'll be doing more animations again, Also I've got some movies lined up

Madness Vendetta
-A work in progress about 10% done

I've got 2 live action movies lined up

And an untitled stick and madness progect

Also vendetta means REVENGE in Italian


New Song

2008-01-06 01:38:35 by Seig3

Check It Out


2007-12-16 17:18:50 by Seig3

Finals Are this week!!!!

And trying to get back in animation too, FUCK!

So, What's up?

A movie maybe!

2007-11-04 13:46:48 by Seig3

I Might be workin' on a new movie soon, it's been a year so yea :3,

Also I'm Posting a movie I did for a BOOKREPORT, so watch out for that,


that's it, so go outside and frolic in the sunshine and steal the food away from the fat kids and slap their faces and be happy! Get in your car and run over homeless children then get out then set them on fire and enjoy yourself! BE HAPPY NOW!!!!!

A movie maybe!

Working On Stufff

2007-07-27 03:03:29 by Seig3

Check Back Soon